74A Eleganza Gardens Estate
42 Shade Ookoya Cresent Eleganza Gardens

Invoice Number INV-00078
Invoice Date February 23, 2021
Due Date February 24, 2021
Total Due ₦-50,000
Jimoh Rasaq


Part Booking


  • Invoice is for residential/commercial booking of not more than 7/30 persons for the 25th and 26th February 2021 (Check Out 27th February 11am)
  • Caution deposit of N50,000 is required before lodging(this is refundable at checkout if no damages)
  • No DJ's or loud music is allowed for residential stay
  • Not more than the 7 persons lodging are allowed to stay during residential stay. Any additional person would mean a N15,000/person charge
  • Smoking of weed or use of hard drugs is not allowed both in and outside of the residence
  • No smoking of other cigars inside the residence, smoking can be done in the toilets
  • Any item damaged must be paid for by guest before vacating premises
  • Check-in time is 1 pm and Check-out is 11am,exceeding time lines means N15,000 additional payment/Hour with Maximum of 2hrs.
  • Cottage Fee of N15,000 is required if guest is going to cook their own meals using kitchen facilities
  • Payments made for lodging/parties are non-refundable
  • Guest are not allowed to sleep on living room sofa to avoid damaging it
  • Guest are to co-ordinate themselves in proper manner and avoid attracting attention from other neighbors in the estate
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Four Bedrooms (Residential Stay for 25th of February)

with Max. of 7 Person(s) allowed for residential stay

1 Four Bedrooms (Party for 26th of February)

with Max. of 30 Person(s)

Sub Total ₦225,000
Tax ₦0
Paid -₦275,000
Total Due ₦-50,000

Pay to
Solution Finders Limited
Access Bank Plc

Solution Finders Ltd
First Bank Limited